Our Artificial Intelligence software looks into pedigrees and helps you improve your chances of breeding/ buying a successful thoroughbred horse.
By using our tool you will at least, double or treble your chances.

Tough context

About 100,000 foals
are born per year.
Winner takes it all.
That is why it is important
for your mare or stallion to
find success early.
Barely 1% become
a stakes winner and
only 75% make it
to the racetrack.
¿Cómo saber efectivamente qué tan bueno es un caballo?
Auction catalogues
show between 50
and 5000 horses
Price barely correlates
with performance
The price range varies
between thousands
and millions of dollars.

Experience shows that in order to increase your chances of buying a stakes winner from 5% to 10%, buyers need to multiply their investment 25 times.

However, no result is guaranteed


GeneUse can give you the competitive advantage you were looking for.

Statistically Tested. Every machine learning model is tested over and over with different samples and in different ways.

In fact, using our Artificial Intelligence Software gives you more chances than paying 25 times more for a horse.

Horse Racing News

Major International Thoroughbred races of shortlisted horses by our machine learning software

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"Save time and money, and get to the point.

GeneUse was a new experience last year.
I have been looking at lots of databases over the last 5 years, to understand which pedigree’s would work and how to get the best out of our horses.
A tool with the power of Artificial Intelligence and databases is a «no-brainer» when it comes to planning and understanding why some combinations work better than others.

GeneUse is by far the best AI tool I found. Get the job done and great service."

Tor Majorsæter
Major Racing Stable

"I use GeneUse almost every day! I find it very interesting to learn about breeding for the upcoming generation of Thoroughbreds, and also for comparing with horses already racing.

We always check out the best possibilities for the mares we plan to cover with GeneUse.
GeneUse also gives us a lot of useful information when we search for a Yearling on the sales or try to find a good prospect at the Breeze up!

Whenever we have a new horse in our sight to buy, the first thing I do is to check out with GeneUse!"

Marina Lie
Thoroughbred Horse Owner


Change your luck.
Get to know GeneUse.